The Jaime Show

rat blog!

i love the weird topics people choose for blogs. chapstick, lolcats, and now the rat blog.

so one of my many roommates’  girlfriend and i were talking about how to rid our humble home of the rats who are apparently DIVING OUT OF THE CEILING. i can’t stress this strongly enough, my life is pure hell as rats careen out of the hole that leads from our exposed pipes to the roof which is apparently an after hours rat party club now. They dive (in little helmets and parachutes i assume) out of the hole and into the little basket of recyclable bags we store on top of the fridge. i’ve heard it, i’ve seen it happen, and it haunts my dreams.

but any-who, this lovely man devotes his life to blogging about rats. and now sadly, so do i.

do you need a roommate, any one?


It’s still out.

The sun, that is.

Seeing this much gorgeous sunshine strikes me with the urge to go frolic and make the most of it before SOMEONE REMEMBERS IT”S WINTER, and we’re all back to huddling around the space heaters in Chez Penthouse.

So i’m going to Tilt now to work on my portfolio.

In the sun.  With a little tanning oil on.  And yes, it still counts as working.

revamp, and vamp

i am trying to snazz up this blog so i can use it to snare a job (apparently blog is the new resume, pink is the new black, and recession is the new fun!).

my one real regret, besides my inability to come up with a topic relevant to my career to blog about (there are SO many ad blogs) is that i wish i had thought of this name first.

e. jean-ious

Love is a battlefield.

 No lie, we all know it. 

But since when did sex become a weapon?

I know i’ve read various stuff on the “sex and the city” culture that has been created in the past five or so years, with women feeling that it’s acceptable and even admirable to have as much sex as they want, with as many guys as they want.  But i always felt that as long as that it was for them, to make themselves happy, fine.

But then i read this, in Elle’ s E. Jean advice column:

Dear E. Jean: My best girlfriend says women should feel “empowered” when we hook up with guys, because it means we’ve “worked” them. But lately I don’t feel empowered. I feel guilty.

Here’s what happened: My guy friend had been pursuing me, and last weekend, because of a strong cocktail, I decided to go for it. He came over to my place; we got a little more drunk and did our thing. To my own amazement, I was a wild thing in bed—definitely not my normal bedroom demeanor! Every time I think of that night, I blush.

He has called me several times, and I absolutely can’t bring myself to return his calls. He obviously loved my wilder side. I don’t understand why I am so scared of it. Am I just not the kind of girl who can have a one-night fling without feeling filthy? Or am I avoiding him because I lack confidence?—An Amiss Miss

In response, e jean writes:

“What your best girlfriend said about “working” guys bothers the heck out of me. Women are “empowered” by joy, discipline, drive, ambition, humor, money, compassion, a good wardrobe, and real belief in themselves right down to the core of their spleens…not by—uh, hello!—hooking up.”

Wait, so we’re “working ” guys, by giving them sex? This is our big empowering move?  Is the whole letting them earn more money than we do thing a big trick too?!?

bag ladies.

The “It Bag” purse bubble is bursting guys.

 Get out before you can’t sell your knock-off Prada on e-bay.

Our so-called Married Lives

So today, i came to a conclusion, as my partners, ben and chris, and i wrapped up our Garmin campaign.

Here at Creative Circus, we get paired for student projects every two or three weeks.  It’s just like a mini-marriage: We get to know each other, experience a honeymoon period in which both of you are polite and sweet, then start letting your real self show.   eventually, you learn to deal with each other’s quirks and differences  to work well together and make a baby (our project), but then, abruptly, you’re forced to divorce.

is it any wonder people in advertising are bad at relationships : )

My Christmas present, unveiled!

Jason finally gave me my handpainted shoes, and they’re awesome.

but the real   question is, will jason’s ability to design shoes ever be able to keep up with my thirst for new ones?

aren’t there little shoe-making elves for problems like this?

Is it any wonder that she was my childhood hero?

Miss Piggy came up in conversation today at school, and it occurred to me that she’s pretty much the basis for my whole personality.

Her signature color is pink, she loves big sunglasses and feather boas, and she’s a total (if not misguided…) romantic.


She’s not above using her feminine wiles, but she also had a pretty badass judo chop that i remember her using on Gonzo a lot.

Overall, not a bad role model.

At least i can’t blame her for giving me any body image issues.

One wrong turn changes everything.

I’d like to thank Britney Spears for inspiring our strategy for Garmin GPS.  We’re going to personify what a “wrong turn” looks like in our campaign.

One wrong turn? Try like ten.


This is how i know i’m getting older. And that the eighties didn’t entirely rock.,,20174022,00.html

If you click the link you too can behold the horror.

NKOTB are staging a comeback, well into their late thirties/forties.

I would totally start auctioning off the NKOTB crap i bought as a kid in an attempt to cash in, except i think all my NKOTB barbies met a tragic end involving firecrackers and my brother (“it’ll be like they’re having a concert and there’s pyrotechnics…”).

maybe they call all hook up with a Spice Girl and commiserate.

 oh well.