The Jaime Show

rat blog!

i love the weird topics people choose for blogs. chapstick, lolcats, and now the rat blog.

so one of my many roommates’  girlfriend and i were talking about how to rid our humble home of the rats who are apparently DIVING OUT OF THE CEILING. i can’t stress this strongly enough, my life is pure hell as rats careen out of the hole that leads from our exposed pipes to the roof which is apparently an after hours rat party club now. They dive (in little helmets and parachutes i assume) out of the hole and into the little basket of recyclable bags we store on top of the fridge. i’ve heard it, i’ve seen it happen, and it haunts my dreams.

but any-who, this lovely man devotes his life to blogging about rats. and now sadly, so do i.

do you need a roommate, any one?


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